Monthly Archives: September 2013

From the Vault: “Tiny Dancer”

Here’s a piece I did for my daughter during the Ozarks Writing Project Summer Institute in June of 2011. It’s one of my favorite pieces I did, but I hadn’t shared it here because you really have to see her dancing to believe it. As luck would have it, my wife later caught a pretty […]

A Seemingly (But Clearly Not) Random Prompting of the Spirit

A few weeks ago, as I was driving alone down Highway 13 from Bolivar to Springfield, a persistent and nagging (and inexplicable) urge came over me. I don’t proclaim to have moments of plain and undeniable divine prompting all the time, but when they come, they tend to come loudly and clearly. This morning in […]

From the Vault: “Celebrating the Ordinary”

(Originally blogged at my old blog on the occasion of my tenth wedding anniversary last May) Yesterday was a pretty big day for Kelly and me as it marked a full decade gone by since Kelly Barnes agreed to become Kelly Love. Yes, yesterday was our ten-year wedding anniversary. This was most definitely an occasion […]

The Morning After

(Above: Freshwater Springfield, Lead Pastor JT Patton) A few years ago, my lead pastor and I were attending a meeting of Missouri Baptist church leaders (which was strange because I really wasn’t one at the time), and I heard a man say something that has stuck with me ever since.  While discussing how we measure […]

Three Things I Need to Say

I left First Baptist Church just over three years ago. I had had enough.  I was tired of inefficient committees.  I was tired of worship wars.  I was tired of what I perceived as passive leadership. I was tired of the infighting. I was tired…of the church.  To be clear, I was not just tired […]

Holy Tears

Every Sunday morning, our elders at Freshwater Church Bolivar gather together just before morning worship to talk through the service and pray for God's blessing upon our gathering. Yesterday began no differently. At about 8:40, our lead pastor, associate pastor, worship pastor, and I gathered in our staff office, joined by our lead pastor's father […]