I’ve been taking a lot of time so far this year to inundate myself with the historical hymnbook of my faith, the book of Psalms. Lately, I’ve read and reread particular Psalms, asking God to grant me fresh, new, and vibrant understandings of these these ancient songs in their entirety; in their triumphant celebrations, their […]

Santa, Listen, I know I’m a bit out of your age bracket, and I actually came to terms with your nonexistence like 20-25 years ago or something like that, but I’m home with the kiddos today and a morning of being Mr. Mom has left me primed and ready to crank out a request list […]

I know this is my own fault; I’m quite aware that by virtue of my attentiveness to social media, I’ve put myself in a prime position to be frustrated.  I’ll own that. What is it that’s not settling well with me this morning? Well, I’m just not certain that I agree with what the voices […]

I’ve been blogging (with varied, unimpressive levels of consistency) for a few years now, and to “call a spade a spade,” I don’t see a ton of traffic. On a good day with the wind behind me, my mom, my wife, and (according to Google Analytics) a random person in Russia read my posts.  Perhaps […]

A few years back, I spent some time doing team ministry in Tomsk, Russia. After just over a week in Tomsk teaching conversational English classes, we were fortunate enough to spend a few days sightseeing in St. Petersburg and Moscow, too. Both cities were beyond impressive to me, a young man from a rural Missouri […]

Here’s a piece I did for my daughter during the Ozarks Writing Project Summer Institute in June of 2011. It’s one of my favorite pieces I did, but I hadn’t shared it here because you really have to see her dancing to believe it. As luck would have it, my wife later caught a pretty […]

A few weeks ago, as I was driving alone down Highway 13 from Bolivar to Springfield, a persistent and nagging (and inexplicable) urge came over me. I don’t proclaim to have moments of plain and undeniable divine prompting all the time, but when they come, they tend to come loudly and clearly. This morning in […]