My wife and I did some cleaning around the house while the kids were in summer school today, and as the school year just concluded, much of our time ended up devoted to figuring out what to do with all the school items that were just sent home en masse. At one point, I found […]

Yesterday was a big day. Yesterday, the church I call home, the church at which I labor as a pastor, the church at which I gather weekly with my faith family…that church turned six years old. In the morning service, it was my duty to lead out in some reflection, a time in which I […]

I don’t really even know if I can write this blog. I have uncertainty as to whether I have allowance to do so. Here goes nothing. Somewhere around three years ago, my pastors, Josh Hedger and Dave Becker, asked me if I’d be willing to pursue Eldership at Freshwater Church. My initial reaction was shock. […]

It is no secret to anyone with whom I’m well-acquainted that I am a book lover; always have been, always will be.  I love the look of books, the feel of books, even the smell of books.  Physically incapable of walking past a used bookstore without ambling in to dig for treasure, I’ve somehow amassed […]

To the older generations of faithful followers of Jesus Christ I’m sorry for my flippant tongue and my brash, unsteady hands. I’m sorry that I acted like I owned the house you inherited, The house that you, by the grace of God maintained, sustained, defended. I’m sorry that my sophomoric arrogance led me to believe Your […]

Today, I begin teaching my favorite unit of my Composition II course…incidentally, this is also the unit that a  large number of my seniors irrationally fear: poetry.  I have a deep affection and appreciation for the poetic form and its ability to frame up thoughts and feelings I often lack the ability to convey through […]

I have this friend. His name is Dan. I met Dan under some fairly tense circumstances.  After a Sunday worship service just over two years ago, our lead pastor had to leave the service fairly quickly to make it to another engagement. Before he could leave, though, he caught me and informed me that a […]